FAQ: Frequently Questions about Cloud Storage Services

Nexxt Home – Cloud Service


  1. Where can I get my cloud service?
    1. When you access your Smart camera, you can find the “Cloud Storage” icon on the main screen. Proceed to click it, and this will take you to the steps to get the service.
    2. Here is an image for example.

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Another way to get there:

    1. When you open your App Nexxt Home, on the bottom of the main screen you will see 4 options: Devices, Actions, Smart, Profile
      A picture containing graphical user interface

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    2. Select the option “Smart” this will take you to the next screen, where you will find 3 options, select the first one “Features” which will send you to the featured screen.
      Graphical user interface, application

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    3. Select “Cloud Storage for Cameras” to check the services on the subscribe section.
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  1. What is the cost/price of the cloud service?
    1. The cost/price varies depending on the service you want to acquire.
      It can go from $3.99, $13.99 to $130.
    2. For the first camera you add to your account, you will always have the “Free Trial for 7 days” after the free trial ends, you can buy any plan services from the previous mentioned prices above.
  2. How do I activate my cloud service?
    1. You can use the following article we have to activate the “Cloud Service.”

  3. Which is the payment method Nexxt Home use?
    1. PayPal
    2. Credit Card
  4. Can you please explain the plans for the “Cloud Services”?
    1. Currently, we are working with 4 plans of services.
    2. Each services offer 2 types of plans services:
      1. Monthly
      2. Annually
    3. Between the plan services, you can add 1 camera only or 5 cameras in one service.
  5. For how long the plans are active?
    1. They are active for 30 days as the plan services indicate.
    2. Also, you will keep those videos for 30 days.
  6. All the plan services say, “Event Recording”. Can I get a plan of service for “Continuously Recording”?
    1. Sorry, you can’t get continually recording. We up to prefer to go with the “Event Recording” so the customer can get to the desire video quickly.
  7. How many cameras can I add to the service cloud?
    1. As you already know, you can add any number of cameras you want to use to your Nexxt Home Account. But we currently offer 2 types of services:
      1. You can use the plans services to add 1 camera only
      2. You can use the plans services to add 5 cameras.

Steps to acquire the cloud service:

You can use the following article: