Add other Nexxt Home Account to share your devices

The following article will explain how to add other Nexxt Home accounts so your family or friends can see, use your devices.

Note: Nexxt Solutions is not responsible for whom you will share access to your devices with, make sure you are 100% sure who will be added to your account.
These steps are performed taking into account that the other users to be added have already created their accounts in the Nexxt Home App.
Adding the accounts to share your devices

1. If you are the main account, open your Nexxt Home App.
2. On the bottom right, select "Profile"

3. On the following screen, select "Home Management"

4. In "Home Management" select the "Home Management" you are using. For our example, we have "Home001"

5. On the following screen, select "Add New Member"

6. Select the Nexxt Home icon with the name "App Account"

7. On the following screen, type the name of the user, select the region, add the account (here you add his/her email address they use to create the Nexxt Home Account), then select which "Privilege" they will have.

Note: we recommend "Common Member" so they do not change Administrator settings.

And that will be all.