How to use Nexxt Home with Siri (iPhone)

This article will explain how to setup your Nexxt Home to use with Siri

Note: Siri can only be enabled when Tap-to-Run are created.
Setting Tap-to-Run on Nexxt Home App and Siri

We are going to proceed to create a Tap-to-Run using a Smart Bulb as an example.
Note: This also apply for any other Nexxt Home devices that can run Tap-to-Run. Not all devices can create a Tap-to-Run process.

1. Open the App Nexxt Home
2. On the main screen, select the option "Actions"
3. Select the tab: "Tap-to-Run"
4. The "Create Scene" section will be display here. Press the "Create Scene" button

5. Select the first option named "Launch Tap-to-Run"

6. On the next screen, choose "Run the device" and from the list select the "Smart Bulb" you want to set. We are going to run it, in a "3 Way Switch"

7. Select the function you want to run, for us, we want the bulb to turn ON. So we select "Switch" then "ON" and we save, and then select Next (top right)

8. On this screen will show you how the Tap-to-Run will be set. Press "Save"

9. Here is how it should appear when you finish the settings. And you will see on the Bottom right, the "Add to Siri" option


Adding Tap-to-Run to Siri

1. Select the "Add to Siri" option in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. You will see "Siri Shortcut" here should appear the recently Tap-to-Run settings you have done.

3. Select the Tap-to-Run and then select "Change Voice Phrase" if you want to change the phrase to another one. If not, then leave it as it is.

4. Press "Done" to finish the settings.