How to Add or Remove a Room

In this article, we present the steps to add and remove a room.

How to add a room?

1. We open the Nexxt Home App

2. We select the (...) icon to open a drop list, where we will see: "View Grid", "Device Management", "Room Management", we need to select the option "Room Management"

3. To add a room, select the opcion "Add new room"

4. Type the name you want for the room or select one of the recommendation we have for it. For this example, we select the "Master Bedroom". Press the "Save" button to save the configuration.

5. Once the configuration is saved, you should be able to see the room you create, and you from here you can add those devices you want the room to be.

How to remove a room?

1. To remove a room, you need to go again to the "Room Management" where it will show a list of rooms you have created. In our case, we will keep the same example as before "Master Bedroom"

2. Select the top right icon to access to the additional options for this section.

3. Selecting it will enable the option to delete or move the generated rooms around. Press the red symbol with a white line in the middle to delete the desired room. In this example, we will remove "Master Bedroom"

4. Confirm the room to remove.

5. Once is removed, press the "Save" button and the configuration will save.