XPY 500 series: Recording with IPC software

This article applies for the IP Cameras models: XPY 500, XPY 510, XPY 520, XPY-530.

Here are the  steps to record video with the IPC Software for all IP Camera:


  • ​Open your IPC Software.
  • Add an IP camera to the IPC software, by adding the device manually (with the plus icon)  or making a search (the plus icon with a magnifying glass) 
  • Go to “Schedule record” tab, press the Plus symbol.
  • Choose the camera(s) that you will use to record and press "Add Plan".



  •  On “Add plan” window, press on the Plus icon (+), and set the start and end time. Press OK and them Save. You can add several recording schedules.

NOTE:  You can change the storage location on System Settings ( )