XPY 530: Wireless setup


This article applies for IP cameras models XPY-530.

Here are the steps to setup the Wireless connection on the IP camera:

1. Connect the IP Camera to your PC on the LAN port. Remember to place your LAN Card on "Automatic" to get IP address automatically.

2. Open the browser and go to your camera IP address and the assigned port, for example: http://192.168.X.XX. This will be found on the bottom of the IP Camera device. 

You will see the camera display, you need to Choose "Setup".


4. Choose the "Network settings".

5.  Go to "Wifi" settings.

6.  Check that the "Enable Wireless" Option is selected as "on".

7. Press "Search" to find the Wireless Network that you will use. Then verify all credentials for the chosen network (SSID, password and security mode) on the prompted window and press "OK" on the selected network.

8. After check all your settings from your network, you can press on "Check" on Check Wireless Set to confirm.

9. Press "Apply" to save changes. This will reboot your IP camera. If you can`t find the wireless SSID, also you can input the SSID and Password manually.

10. Verify the Wireless connection on your IP camera.