Nebula 300: Universal Repeater Setup

This article will explain how to configure your Nebula300. You can use any of the knowing available browser (EDGE, Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc)

Nebula300 ARN02304U4


  • Nebula300
  • Power Cord or Power Adapter (this comes in the box)
  • Ethernet Cable (this comes in the box)
  • PC or Laptop (you can use a mobile device, but we recommend strongly a computer to do the setups)

Steps to configure the Nebula300 as a Repeater via Ethernet cable:

  • Disconnect all cable connected to the Nebula300 (yes including the Power cord)
  • Connect only the power cord to the Nebula300
  • Take the Gray cable from the box, and proceed to connect one end of the cable to the port#1 in the Nebula300 and the other end of the cable to the computer.

Note: If you are using a laptop, please turn OFF the Wi-Fi signal of the laptop, we do not want internet from anywhere.

  • After all physical connections are done, open your browser and type the IP Address then press Enter to access this website

  • If you have done all correctly, you should see the following screen. Here you will type the Password: admin
  • Then press the OK button  to continue

  • In this screen make sure is selected DHCP and then select Advanced to continue

  • In the following screen please select the tab Wireless


  • From here you will select from the list of the left side, the option Wireless Security (we need to secure the Nebula300 Wi-Fi signal)

  • Select "Disable" so we can have the access to edit the "Security Mode"

  • In the option "Security Mode" select the type of security you want to use, for this example we are going with WPA-PSK (Recommended). On "WPA Algorithms" proceed to choose the algorithms you need to use, in this example because we choose WPA-PSK the algorithms that goes with this type of security will be "AES". In the "Security Key" proceed to type a password. You can add any password you desire, but since you are going to use the Nebula300 as a Universal Repeater we recommend using the same password from the main Wi-Fi signal. (We recommend this, so the customer do not have to remember several passwords at the same time)

  • When you finish, press the "OK" button to save the settings.
  • From here you will select from the list of the left side, the option Wireless Extender

  • Click where it says "Disable" and choose the option "Universal Repeater"

  • Press the button "OPEN SCAN" you will see a list of wireless signal around the Nebula300
  • Choose the wireless signal you want to repeat
  • Once you have chosen the wireless signal you want to repeat, you will see that all the fields are filled with the information of the wireless you choose


  • In the "Security Mode" choose the same security mode the main Wi-Fi signal is using (If the security mode is not the same, you will not be able to repeat the internet via the Wi-Fi) on our example, we have to choose "Mixed WPA/WPA2-PSK"
  • On the "WPA Algorithms" choose the same algorithms the main Wi-Fi signal is using (If the WPA Algorithms is not the same as the main Wi-Fi signal, then you will not be able to repeat the internet via Wi-Fi)
  • In the field "Key" you have to type the Wi-Fi password of the Wi-Fi signal you choose to repeat. (If you do not type the password correctly, you will not be able to repeat the internet via Wi-Fi) please be sure of the password.
NOTE: If your main Wi-Fi signal use the "Security Mode type: WEP" then you can proceed to choose WEP or SHARED in the "Security Mode" of the Nebula300 and type the password of the main Wi-Fi signal in the KEY1 and then choose ASCII

Once you have done you can proceed to save the configuration and the Nebula300 will proceed to do the settings and start repeating the internet.


You may find a video below for more reference.