Xtender 300: Upgrade your firmware

This article applies to the Universal Repeater Xtender 300.
Note: Your Universal Repeater is compatible with any Operating System (O.S.), it only requires a web browser to access the configuration main page. (PE: IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

NOTE: Proceed to do this only when there is a new firmware to upgrade. Or when the firmware has some kind of problem.

Open your internet browser, and type, http://www.nexxtsolutions.com/us/
Go to “Components” visualize the tab “Connectivity” and hit “Routers”.

Choose your router, in our case we going with the Xtender 300.  If you router do not appeared in the list please search the router in the “Search” box in the upper right of the page, by typing the model or name of the router.
Then look for the tab “Download” and proceed to download the latest firmware. 

When the download is complete, you will need to extract the file from the ZIP.file. After that you will need to access your router Xtender 300 to apply the latest firmware.
If you don’t remember how to access your Xtender 300, you can check the following link to guide you to access the configuration page (Do steps 1 to 9, then return to this page and continue with the installation of the latest firmware for the Xtender 300):
Xtender 300 basic configuration:  http://support.nexxtsolutions.com/customer/portal/articles/1981198-xtender-300-basic-configuration-guide?b_id=461

After setting up your Network Card open your browser type and access to the Xtender 300 configuration page.

Password “admin”

Go to “Advanced Settings”
Then “System Tools”
And choose the tab “Upgrade”
Hit the box “Choose File” browse through your files where you download the firmware and add it. “Remember to extract the ZIP.file” after that choose “Upgrade”.

Now the router will proceed upgrading the firmware for at least 5 minutes, then he will reboot.
With this the upgrade is done. 

Below you can find a video to assist you.