Xtender 300: How to change the LAN IP

This article applies to the Universal Repeater Xtender 300.
Note: Your Universal Repeater is compatible with any Operating System (O.S.), it only requires a web browser to access the configuration main page. (PE: IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, etc.)
In this article we explain how to change the LAN IP so you can access your Xtender without change your Ethernet card settings in the futures.
1. Enter to your Xtender 300 main page. Remember, you need to change the settings in your Ethernet card and connect your computer directly to the Xtender 300 to gain access to the configuration page. If you don’t remember how to do this, don’t worry you can check this link for more assistance: Xtender300 - Universal Repeater.  NOTE: only do the steps from 1 to 10. 

2. When you gain access to the main page, go to “Advanced Settings – LAN Settings”.
3. Here you can change the default IP address to any IP address you want. In our case is like this we don’t have worry about conflict IPs when we decided you access the router. 

4. Sometimes, the Xtender300 will request a Primary DNS address. Please use Google DNS

NOTE: Be sure the IP address we will use here is completely available for the Xtender 300, if not, you will receive a notification about conflict IP Address in your network.