Xtender 300: Wireless Configuration - Access Point

This article applies to the Universal Repeater Xtender 300.
Note: Your Universal Repeater is compatible with any Operating System (O.S.), it only requires a web browser to access the configuration main page. (PE: IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, etc.)
Proceed to access the main page of the Xtender 300. Open your browser and type


Remember to set up your Ethernet adapter so you can access the configuration page. If don´t remember here is the link to help you:

When you get to the main page the Xtender will ask a password please type “admin”.

  1. Hit “Advanced Settings”
  2. Then “Wireless Settings” – “Wireless Security”.
  3. Next to “Select SSID” box you will see your main wireless name signal and when you click it you will see your second SSID name. Select the second SSID.
  4. Choose your “Security Mode” recommended (Mixed WPA/WPA2 – PSK)
  5. Type your desired password in “Security Key”.
  6. After that hit “Apply”, and your setting are saved. 


Below you may find a video with all the steps to help you.