XPY 300 Series: PTZ Option


This article applies for IP cameras models XPY-300, XPY-320 & XPY-330.

PTZ stands for Pan, Zoom and Tilt. This refers to the capabilities of automated cameras and video recorders. Essentially, a PTZ camera is set in a particular place, but has the ability to turn, usually in a complete circle, tilt at different angles both up and down, and zoom in on particular objects.

How you can select the PTZ option in your camera?

1.  Go to the camera IP super client Software.

2. Go to camera options.
3. In the “general tab”, select "PTZ".

4. Go to your camera ip address in the browser, you will see PTZ option in:
     -          System Options
     -          PTZ settings
     -          You can configure the rotational speed and cruising speed automatic