XPY 300 Series: Outside the network

This article applies for IP cameras models XPY 300

Here are the steps to setup your IP Camera to be viewed outside the network:
1- Configure IP Camera with software that comes on the CD , using an IP that is within the range of IP's POOL handling our router and assign a different port to each of the cameras to configure the ports has assigned to each camera, The ports must be within the following range 1025-65536 ; for DDNS function works without problems.

For example we'll use the following IP and the port 1025, username and password "admin"


2- In the router must be set the IP and port of the IP Camera with the PortFowarding. 

As an example, we placed the following IPs and port:

Port: 1025

3 - For the display of the IP cameras insite the same LAN, We can see the IP address in the DHCP POOL on the router and port assigned to each Camera., which is entered in the browser, prior request is enter the username and password for example is admin, then press login.
4- Now, from outside our LAN , we can use the browser to make a remote connection to the camera using the DDNS . For example, my camera has the following code: 005khmr.nwsvr1.com then no longer use the Public IP Address + port , use the code camera in the address bar of the browser, as seen in the following screen:

NOTE: Each IP Camera has a unique code 

Put the username and password for Example is "admin"

After that, you can see the camera interface , select the type of display and have the video online.