IP Cameras Basic setup

This article applies for IP cameras models XPY-300, XPY-320 & XPY-330.

This IP Camera can be setup in a few minutes for instant monitoring and live viewing on your PC or smartphone, even via wireless or wired connections.

Here are the basic steps to setup your IP Camera:

1. Connect your camera to the power outlet.

2. Use a standard Ethernet Network cable and connect your camera to your PC.

NOTE: Due that your IP Camera comes by default with a fixed (Static) IP address, you should change your LAN settings to be inside the IP range of your IP camera, such as your computer IP Address, gateway, etc. If you cannot find the Camera IP address or gateway, use the "IP Camera Finder" that comes with the IP Camera CD software. For example: If your camera IP address is go to Network Settings properties and change the TCP/IP settings to: IP Address: | Subnet Mask: | Gateway: (on your PC)

3. Open a browser and go to your default camera IP address and port ""

4. Type the default user name of the camera (admin) and the password is left blank.

5. Select the browser type regarding the browser that you are using. For example: Use "ActiveX option" for Internet Explorer, QuickTime option for Safari / Chrome / Firefox, IPOD/IPAD User Interface for MAC Smart devices, and "No Pug-In Mode" for Android devices. On the first time, just use Windows-based PC for setup.

6. Go to the tool icon (camera configuration) at the bottom of the IP Camera viewer.

7. On "Settings", go to "Network Settings".

8. On "Network Settings", go to "Basic Network Settings".

9. On "Basic Network Settings", you can change the default IP address to the chosen IP address for your  private network, also the submask, gateway and port. Click on "Submit" and your IP Camera will reboot to refresh his settings. 

10. If you will setup more than one IP Camera on a private network, keep in mind that you will need to setup each camera with different IP address and HTTP ports inside your network.

11. Connect your IP Camera to your router and verify his connection. If you want to connect your IP Camera via Wireless, click HERE.

NOTE: To access your IP Camera from outside the network, you should setup the port forwarding of your router. with each IP address and HTTP Port. For more details, click HERE.