XPY 300 Series: IP Super Client Software


This article applies for IP cameras models XPY-300, XPY-320 & XPY-330.

Your IP Cameras should come with a software that allows you to visualize more than one IP camera on the network, called  "IP Camera Super Client " software. This is available on your IP Camera installation CD.

Download IP Camera Super Client Software

Here are the steps to setup the IP Super Client software to view more than one IP Camera:

1. Setup and verify the connections for all IP Cameras that you want to see, even with Ethernet cable or wireless. If you need help to setup the wireless of your IP Camera, go to the next link: IP Camera Wireless setup

2. Install the "IP Camera Super Client" software.
3. Run the IP Camera Super Client Software and click on "Search & Add Camera".

4. On the list, select the cameras that you want to view and then click on "OK".

5. After selection, you will see the IP Super Client Software with all selected IP Cameras with "Live" video monitoring.