Viking 300: DDNS Setup

This article only apply for the Viking 300.

OTE: Your N Router is compatible with any Operating System for setup, it only requires a internet browser to access it. ( IE, Mozilla, Firefox , Chrome, Safari, etc).


Please proceed with this steps to setup your Viking 300. 

1. Take the RJ-45 Ethernet cable that came in the box with the Viking 300. Connect one end into the network port of your Viking 300 (LAN1, LAN2, LAN3), the other end to the Ethernet port in the PC or Laptop you are using to setup the router. 

2. Open your default browser and type the IP Address this will allow you access to the LOGIN page.


3.  Type "admin" on the router configuration webpage.

4. Go to the "Status Windows" and then select the "Advanced" tap. 

5. Select "DDNS Settings".

6. Here you can set all the information about the DDNS you are going to use below:

  • DDNS Setting: Enable this option by clicking in the little box. 
  • DDNS Services Provider: Choose your DDNS services provider " or". In the case you haven´t register, please do, by clicking "Register Now".
  • User Name: Type the username where you register you DDNS Services Provider. 
  • Password: Type the password where you register your DDNS Services Provider.
  • Domain Name: (Host Name) register in your services provider. 

7. After all changes, hit "Save" to save changes.