Viking300 - Wizard 3G-4G Setting

This article only apply for the Viking 300.

OTE: Your N Router is compatible with any Operating System for setup, it only requires a internet browser to access it. ( IE, Mozilla, Firefox , Chrome, Safari, etc).


Please proceed with this steps to setup your Viking 300. 

- Take the RJ-45 Ethernet cable that came in the box with the Viking 300. Connect one end into the network port of your Viking 300 (LAN1, LAN2, LAN3), the other end to the Ethernet port in the PC or Laptop you are using to setup the router. 

Now, proceed to access the Viking 300 web configuration page. Open your default browser and type the IP Address this will allow you access to the LOGIN page.


When the page shows up, you will see the password box, type "admin" to gain access to the router configuration webpage.

You will be in the Status windows, select the “Wizard” tab to proceed configure your Viking 300.
- Select “3G/4G Router Mode”.
- Check “Auto-Switch System Mode” (This option allow you to switch connection between the Modem 3g/4G or Ethernet Priority.). This apply when you lost connection with the Modem 3G/4G the router automatically will take internet via the Ethernet connection and vice versa.
- Click the “Next”.


- Country: click the box and you will see a list of them, choose your country.
- Service Provider: click the box and you will see a list of them, choose your ISP.
- ISP: Automatically will appeared your ISP name.
- APN: type the APN (Access Point Name), from your ISP. If you don’t have it, contact your ISP, and ask for it.
- Dial Number: This will be give it to you by your ISP.
- User Name: This will be give it to you by your ISP.
- Password: this will be give it to you by your ISP.
- SIM Card Pin Code: This is optional.
- Click “Next”

- SSID: by default the router will auto create an SSID, you can change that SSID for the one you desire in this case we leave it by default “Nexxt_022130”.
- Channel: by default will be “Auto” but we recommended “Channel 2 or Channel 6”.
- Key: here you will type your desire password for you Wireless Signal. The “AES” and the “Mixed WPA/WPA2-PSK” is selected by default. This will effectively protect your network against unauthorized access.
- Click “Next”


Your new Viking 300 is now setup correctly, you can browse via WI-FI. Click “Finish” to end the configuration. 

You router is now configured.