Viking300 - How to reset your router


This article apply for the Viking 300 Wireless 3G router.


There are two ways to reset your router: with a "SOFT RESET" or a "HARD RESET". Please follow this steps below for each option


1. Connect your Nebula 300 to your computer or laptop using one end of the Ethernet cable (RJ-45) to any LAN Port available in the router, and the other end to your Ethernet Port in the computer.

2. Open your default browser, in the search bar, type the IP Address to access the main page of the router.

3. Type the password "admin" (if you have not change it).

4. Go to the "Advanced" link at the center of the webpage.

5. Go to the "Tools" tab.

6. Press "Restore to factory defaults" tab.

7. Click the "Restore to Factory Default" button to perform the software reset. This will restore your router to the factory defaults.



1.  Press and hold the "RESET" button (that is at the back of your router) for 30 seconds.


2. Disconnect the Viking 300 from the Outlet or "Power Cord" then press for 30 seconds the "RESET" button again.

3. Connect the Viking 300 to the "Power Cord" and press the "RESET" 
button again for 30 second.