XPY CCTV: Movil Application XpyView Setup

This article applies for CCTV systems XPY4002-KX, XPY4004-KX & XPY8004-KX models.


Here are the steps to access the IP Camera from a Smarthphone using the Xpy View application & DDNS service.

1. The XpyView application for Android can be downloaded directly via the Android Google Play Store or iOS through the Apple App Store.

2. Once you have downloaded the application, you can use your mobile devices to watch the cameras remotely. In our example, we will use an Android smartphone. Open the XpyView application:

3.  Click on the Devices option.

4. Click on the + on the upper right hand corner.

5. Tap on the Register Mode option and select HiDDNS.

6. Under the Alias field enter a name for your DVR. Under Device Domain enter the auto generated number.

7. Lastly, tap on the Save icon. If there is a successful connection, the Camera No. field will automatically show the correct number of channels from your DVR. Click on the Start Live View option to view the live feed of the cameras.


8. The app offers the following great features:
  • Local storage and management for captured pictures and videos.

  • Full screen mode in landscape mode.

  • Easy finger gestures to transition between camera views, zooming in and out, and much more.

  • Integrated Help menu to help you understand how to use the app.

  • Remote playback to view all recorded video feeds from you DVR.