XPY CCTV: Setup Wizard User Guide

This article applies for CCTV systems XPY4002-KX, XPY4004-KX & XPY8004-KX.

The Setup Wizard walks you through some important settings of the device. By default, the Setup Wizard starts once the device has loaded.

1. Language: There are three languages available in the system: English, Portuguese and Spanish.
English is the language by default. Click Apply to continue.

Please note that if you select other language different from the default, the system will prompt you to reboot in order to apply the correct language package.

2. Start wizard interface: This box is checked by default, and it is designed to enable the setup wizard when the device starts. If you would like to disable this option, uncheck this box. It is recommended to leave the default configuration unchanged the first time to set the proper settings. Click Next to continue with the setup.

3. Login window: This option will ask you to enter your credentials. Initially, this is set to 12345 by default. The administrator password can be changed in this step by clicking on the New Admin Password checkbox option. lf you choose to change it at a later time, you can refer to our online user manual. Click Next to enter the date and time settings.



4. Date and time: Use this window to set the time zone based on your current location, date format, system date and time. Once done, click Next to configure the network settings.

5. Network configuration: Defines network parameters, including the NIC type, IPv4 address, IPv4 subnet mask, default gateway. By default, this is set to DHCP, to automatically obtain an IP address and other network settings from that server. Then, click Next to enter the HDD Management window.


6. HDD management: When using a hard drive for the first time, the system will prompt you to initialize the disk. Please note that initialization will remove all the data stored in the hard drive.
a) To proceed, select the hard drive from the list, click lnit, followed by OK.
b) During this process, the formatting status will be displayed on the screen. When it is 100% complete, click Next to move on to the following window.

7. Camera settings: This window allows you to select the camera to be configured, enables the recorder function and the mode you wish to assign to each channel.


a) Click Copy to replicate the record settings of the current camera to any other camera[s].
b) Click OK to return to the Record setting window.
8. Once all parameters have been configured, select OK to complete the Setup Wizard.