Acrux1200-AC - Telnet Setup

NOTE: Your new router is compatible with any Operating System, it only requires a browser to access the configuration website. (IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc).
Acrux1200-AC Model: ARL02124U1
NOTE: This article will explain how to setup the Telnet settings on the Acrux1200-AC.
1. Once you are inside the configuration website of the Acrux1200-AC. You will see the following window or section "Internet Status" here you will proceed to select the "Advanced Settings" option located on the left side of the list.


2. Once you are in the "Advanced Settings" choose the option "Telnet"


3. Here you will turn ON or Activate the Telnet function


Change IP address

Change LAN IP address to:
nvram set lan_ipaddr=
nvram set lan_gateway=    

The IP which is sent by DHCP server is different LAN port IP, it will leads to  failure of log in internet. So we suggest you do not change LAN IP.

Change SSID

Change ssid to:xxxx
nvram set wl0_ssid=xxxx
nvram set wps_randomssid=xxxx
nvram commit

Change login password

Change log in password to:xxxx
nvram set http_passwd=xxxx
nvram commit

It will leads the failure of access to web page. If that you need to restore factory settings or upgrade FW.