Kronos300: Web-Interface Setup

This article explains the process to configure the Kronos300 AEIEL304U1 as a Universal Repeater. You can use any existing browser: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, EDGE, Opera etc.


  • Kronos300
  • PC or Laptop

NOTE: The Kronos300 can be configured in two ways. In this article we will explain how to configure it manually, through its configuration page. We will also do the process by Wi-Fi and not by network cable.

Steps for Kronos300 configuration:

NOTE: Let's take the Kronos300 in our hands. When you turn it, we can see a label attached to it. In this label we can see the MAC of the Kronos300, take note of the last 6 digits that this MAC has since it will be the way to locate the name of the Kronos300.

  • Let's connect the Kronos300 to the outlet
  • Once the Kronos300 is turned on, we will look for the Wi-Fi network that it emits. This network will have a name similar to Nexxt_XXXXXX which (X) is the last six digits indicated in the MAC
  • Once the Kronos300 Wi-Fi network is located, let's proceed to connect to it. (You should not ask for this network password, but if you ask for a type 12345678)
  • When you are completely connected to the Kronos300 network, it will tell you that there is no Internet, do not worry about this, it is normal.
  • Open the browser you are using or want to use. Type and access the address


  • When accessing, it will show the following page. Proceed to enter the password: admin and then press the OK button


  • When you enter the next page, it is where you will make the configuration so that the Kronos300 extends the Wi-Fi network to select.

  • In the Setup section, where you will enter the Range Extender Mode configuration by default, press the OPEN SCAN button


  • The Kronos300 will display a list of Wi-Fi networks that are around it. In this list you should visualize the Wi-Fi network you wish to select to extend.
  • Select the network you want to extend. And you can see that in the Associated Root AP field it will change to the name of the selected network, the Associate Root Channel will also change to that of the selected network.

NOTE: Note that the Security Mode has not been changed. This is because you must configure it manually.
In other words, you should know what type or security mode the Wi-Fi network you want to extend is.
If you do not know or do not have this information. We recommend contacting your internet provider if it is the case to extend the modem of your provider.
If the case is to extend a Wi-Fi network of a personal router, then you should investigate on the configuration page of that router which mode you are using.

  • In this article we will choose the Security Mode: WPA-PSK we will place the WPA Algorithm as AES, and we will put the password of the selected network in Security Key

NOTE: Please make sure the password to be written is well written and identical to that of the selected Wi-Fi network to be extended.


  • Once everything is added or completed, press the SAVE button to begin the configuration process. Once this configuration is finished if you wish to validate that the Kronos is broadcasting the internet, you can connect a

The Kronos300 will begin to configure to extend the selected network. Take into account that the Kronos300 must still be within the main wireless network since it is she who keeps sending the internet.

The Kronos300 will lose its own Wi-Fi network called Nexxt_XXXXXX and join the main network. Therefore, your equipment will remain connected to the main wireless network.

Frequent questions:

Q- If my type or mode of security is WEP, and this is not listed, which one should I choose?
A- For this type of security you must choose the type of SHARED security. Then place the password in the WEP KEY 1 field and select HEX.