Kronos300: Instant Push-Button setup

This article applies for the AEIEL304U1 Kronos300 Wireless N-Wall Universal Repeater Access Point.   
The Nexxt Solutions Kronos300 Wireless N-Wall Universal Repeater has been designed to accommodate wireless transmitions up to 300Mbps, and without the needs of wiring, just a power outlet. 

This can be paired with just "pressing a button" on the unit, called "Range Extender Button". Here are the steps to pair this unit on this method:
NOTE: Your primary router MUST have WPS 2.0 and be enabled. Additionally, it must be setup with WPA2 encryption. You may also use WPA/WPA2 Mixed mode. Also this unit works as a "wireless bridge", so this unit also provides a second wireless network available.

1. Plug the Kronos300 to the wall outlet near the primary router. Wait a couple minutes and press and hold the RE center button on the Kronos300 for about 2 seconds. Release the button and ensure the RE LED lights up.

2. Within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on your primary router. If a successful link is established, the RE and Wireless Signal LED on the Kronos300 will be lit.
3. The Kronos300 will be automatically configured to use all the parameters from your primary router. You may now place the Kronos300 where you desire.


4. When the Wireless Signal LED is orange, it means your signal is weak. This may occur if you have too much interference in that area. Recommend relocating the Kronos300 to another area.

NOTE: In case that this method does not work, you have the option to setup this Kronos300 via wired connection. More information about how to setup the Kronos300 on a wired connection, follow this link: "Kronos300: Web-Interface Setup".

Also you can UPGRADE your firmware for this Kronos300. 
This can be done by going to the FIRMWARE UPGRADE on the following link: "Kronos300: Firmware Upgrade".