Kronos300: Firmware Upgrade

This article applies for the AEIEL304U1 Kronos300 Wireless N-Wall Universal Repeater Access Point.   

The Nexxt Solutions Kronos300 Wireless N-Wall Universal Repeater has been designed to accommodate wireless transmitions up to 300Mbps, and without the needs of wiring, just a power outlet. 

Now, i
n cases that you are on a wired setup, and the web address does not open or the password does not allow to enter the Setup page, please CLEAR YOUR BROWSING CACHE first on the web browser settings. You can also enter the default IP address, on your web browser to get access.

However, we recommend you to upgrade the firmware for a better user experience. This can be done following the steps below: 

1. Connect your Kronos300 with an Ethernet cable to your PC and the Kronos300 to a power outlet. Check that your Ethernet connections are set to "Dynamic" (Automatic) IP address, and your Wireless connections are disabled before proceeding.

2. Download the updated Kronos300 firmware here.

3. Open a web browser and go to the following IP Address: to get access to the Kronos’s setup webpage.

4. Place "admin" as your repeater's Login password.

5. Go to the "Tools" tab, and press the “Upgrade” tab.

6. Press the "Choose File" button in order to browse the Kronos300 firmware file from your PC. 

7. After upload the firmware, press the "Upgrade" button. 

8. This will prompt you a message to allow the upgrade that says "Please click OK to confirm to upgrade your device!". Press the OK button and the Kronos300 will show the upgrade process.

9. After this step, the Kronos300 will reboot to upgrade the device. You can now access the Kronos300 using the default link,

Firmware release notes (20160217):
  1. Adds encryption to the password transmission in Login screen to enhance security.
  2. Improves Refresh conditions of web page for faster loading.
  3. Fixes a reported issue of unable to Login to Settings page after entering the default password.