Solaris 300: LAN Settings


This article applies to the Universal Repeater Solaris 300.

NOTE: Your N Router is compatible with any Operating System for setup, it only requires an internet browser to access it. (IE, Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.).
Please try the following steps to setup your Universal Repeater in your new router.
1. Connect you Nexxt Router Solaris 300 to your computer with the Ethernet cable from the Ethernet port to the one of the following ports #1, #2, #3 port in the Solaris 300. Is recommended port #1.

2. Open your default browser, type the IP address and press the keyboard "Enter" to access the main page of the router.
3. In the main page you will need the password. Please type in the password box “admin”.
4. Hit “Advanced” so you can access the configuration page of your router.
5. In the "Advanced Settings" select the tab "LAN Settings" you will see the IP Address also the Subnet Mask This is the section where you can change the LAN IP address for the Solaris300. 

6. To change the IP Address all you have to do, is erase the last two digits, 0.1 for 5.1 so you can change the network providing by the Solaris300. 
Default IP:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

New IP Address: 
IP Address:
Subent Mask: