Solaris 300: Tips for a better Wireless connection


This article applies for Solaris 300.

NOTE: Your N Router is compatible with any Operating System for setup, it only requires a internet browser to access it. ( IE, Mozilla, Firefox , Chrome, Safari, etc).

If you have the following issues with your Wireless Connection:

- Intermittent Connectivity

- Loss of signal

- Low bandwidth on uploads or downloads

- No browsing

- No Internet on some distance ranges

Please try the following tips to verify your Wireless connection.

1.  Verify the lights on your router. On your device, it needs to be turned on the WAN, WLAN and POWER lights.

2. Verify if the Wireless password was typed correctly on the Wireless Network Connection of your PC and also inside the Nexxt router settings.(*)

3. Verify the Wireless channels of your router (channels 6 and 2 - Recommended).(*)

4. Avoid any electromagnetic objects (for example: Air conditioners, freezers or Wireless phones) on the way between the router and your PC, this affects the intensity of your wireless signal.

5. Verify that your Firewall and / or Antivirus does not have any high level protection that avoids you to browse the Internet.

(*) To see more details about how to setup your wireless, please follow this link: Setup Wireless


See related videos about wireless settings for each firmware below: 

For Models ARN01154U1, ARN02304U1, ARN00304U1 - VERTICAL BAR FIRMWARE

For Models ARN01154U2, ARN02304U2, ARN00304U2 - HORIZONTAL BAR FIRMWARE: