Wireless Distance Coverage for Routers

This article will provide information of the wireless range by each router. 
NOTE: Please remember that the wireless distance is an approximate total of the router, because we have to take into account factors that obstruct the same, example: (walls, wireless signal, stairs, concrete, antennas, etc.)
Models Coverage
Acrux1200-AC Ver.2 150mts^2
Acrux300 100mts
Acrux600 120mts
Acrux750 100mts
Amp300 100mts^2
Cosmos1200-AC 150mts^2
Kronos1200-AC 70mts^2 (2.4GHz), 30mts^2 (5GHz)
Kronos300 150mts
Kronos301 70mts^2
Nebula1200-AC 150mts^2
Nebula150 100mts
Nebula300 100mts
Nebula300 Plus 100mts^2
NexxtGate150 100mts, in open space covers 2-3 km.
Nova300 50mts
Nyx1200-AC 70mts^2 (2.4GHz), 30mts^2 (5GHz)
Nyx150 100mts
Nyx1900-AC 100mts^2 (2.4GHz), 50mts^2 (5GHz)
Nyx2600-AC 50mts^2(5GHz)
Nyx300 70mts^2
Polaris150 Ver.1 50mts
Solaris300 100mts
Sparx200-W 50mts
Stealth150 100mts
Tarvos300 100mts
Trinity 3g/4g 5mts
Vektor3600-AC(MW3) 300mts^2 (3pcs/pack)
Vektor3600-AC Plus(MW6) 500mts^2(3pcs/pack)
Viking150 100mts
Viking300 30mts
Xtender300 100mts