Firefox older version

Older Mozilla Firefox version

This information was taken from Mozilla Firefox, for more information you can visit the following link:

Important: By default, Firefox is set for automatic updates. To prevent Firefox from automatically updating itself after you install an older version, you'll need to change your Firefox update settings: Click the menu button Fx89menuButton and select Settings. In the General panel, go to the Firefox Updates section.

You can use this version to install an older version of Mozilla, which will assist you to setup your Kronos Family. 

Note: Please, this version is older, and does not have the newest security implemented by Mozilla Firefox. We strongly recommend after using the browser to setup the Kronos, uninstall the browser or update to the newest version if you intend to use it. 



If you need to use another version beside this one, you can go to the Mozilla main site and follow their steps or download any other version.