Nyx150: WDS Setup (Repeater Mode)


NOTE: Your Nyx 150 Router is compatible with any Operating System for setup, it only requires a internet browser to access it. ( IE, Mozilla, Firefox , Chrome, Safari, etc)

WDS Requirements
1. All routers on WDS should have the same firmware and same router model (If you are using a router that ends with U1, all repeaters needs ONLY to be ending with U1, same with U2 router model. Different router models together DOES NOT work on WDS). Also make sure is the latest firmware you are using if posible.
2. SSID, Channels and Extension Channel should also be the same on all routers on the network.
3. The IP address of the all wireless routers must be different but have to be within the range of the main router. For example: RouterA IP:; RouterB IP:
4. While setting up WDS, the password and security for Wireless should be the same. This will allow the routers to be used in a roaming mode. The password for router settings webpage could be different on each device.
5. DHCP server must be disable for secondary routers. Only the Main router will have the DHCP enable.
6. The routers IP addresses must be outside the DHCP pool.
7. Reboot routers after the configuration is done.
8. For router models with Vertical firmware, the main router allows more than 3 repeaters on WDS mode. For router models with Horizontal and Default Firmware, the main router only allows a maximum of 2 repeaters on WDS mode.

Previous Steps to Perform (for all routers):

1. Connect the main router to your ISP device (ADSL, DSL or cable modem).
2. Please be sure to setup your repeater with a network cable connected to the LAN port of your router and to your PC.
3. Set up your Router with the proper configuration and make sure you get internet connection. If you need help configuring your router go here.
4.  After you Main router and repeaters are working correctly each one, then proceed to perform the following steps for WDS mode.

(This step-by-step tutorial works ONLY WITH SAME FIRMWARE VERSION)

a. Open your browser (IE,Mozilla,Firefox,etc) and enter the IP address of the router "" by default. This will prompt you to type some credentials to access the router webpage.

b. Type “admin” on password. 
c. Go to Advanced settings. 
d. On “advanced settings —>Wirelesss settings”

e. On “Wireless settings —> Wireless basic Settings”, place the router on Network bridge (WDS). This step will request an “AP MAC Address” scan, so press the “open Scan” button and check that the MAC address placed automatically belongs to the repeater router (if you are setting up the repeater router, the MAC that you input needs to belong to the main router). If there are more repeaters, place the MAC address for all repeaters available on your network.
All other Wireless basic settings will be the same on all routers (SSID, channels and Extension Channels). Click OK to save your changes. 

f. On “Wireless settings —> Wireless security”, keep the security mode on “WPA2-PSK” and place the same network key on all routers on the network. If this does not work, place it as "WPA-PSK" (for Mobile devices) or "OPEN" and contact Nexxt Tech Support to upgrade your router´s firmware.

g. Keep the DHCP Server on "enable".
h. Reboot router, you can reboot your router on "System Tools" on the Reboot router option.


a. Same steps from "a" to "f" from Main router setup.

b. On “DHCP Server —> DHCP server”, disable the DHCP server. Click OK to save your changes. 

c. Reboot router, you can reboot your router on "System Tools" on the Reboot router option.

NOTE: a basic test for your WDS setup is trying make a ping to the IP of the main router on the secondary router and viceversa.

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