Nyx 150: Wireless Setup


NOTE: Your Nyx 150 Router is compatible with any Operating System for setup, it only requires a internet browser to access it. ( IE, Mozilla, Firefox , Chrome, Safari, etc)

If you have the following issues:

- No WLAN light on

- No Wireless signal
- No browsing Internet
- Wireless setup

Please try the following steps to setup your router for Wireless (Wi-Fi) properly.

1. Connect your Nexxt router to your PC with an Ethernet cable on the LAN port (Yellow).
2. Connect your Nexxt router to your ISP modem with an Ethernet Cable on the WAN port (Blue).

3. Verify that your PC has created the Local Area network on Network Connections.

4. Verify that the Firewall and Antivirus system are disabled to avoid any problems or restrictions.
5. Once all connected,  open your browser (IE,Mozilla,Firefox,etc) and enter the IP address of the router "" by default. This will prompt you to type some credentials to access the router webpage.

6. Use "admin" as password. 

7. On the main screen, click on “Advanced Settings” in the middle of the webpage.

8. On “Wireless Settings”, click on “Wireless Basic Settings”.

9.  Verify or modify your Wireless network name (Primary SSID) and be sure that is marked on “enable Wireless Function”.

10. Check the wireless channels (Channels 6 and 2 – recommended).

11. Click on “Ok” to save the changes.

12. On “Wireless Settings”, click on “Wireless Security”.

13. Select the Security Mode (for example WPA2-PSK), WPA Algorithms on “AES” and on the “Key”, type the password for your Wireless network.

14. Click on “Ok” to save the changes. 

Reboot router, you can reboot your router on "System Tools" on the Reboot router option.