Nebula301 + (Plus): Wireless Configuration

NOTE: Your new router is compatible with any Operating System, it only requires a browser to access the configuration website. (IE Edge or Mozila Firefox).
Nebula301 Plus: NCR-N301
Recommendations: We recommend to work with the Nebula301+ stand-alone. This is because sometimes the PC or Laptop are connected to a Wireless Signal or via LAN to the main router or modem. If you are using a Laptop or PC with Wi-Fi signal, please disable the Wi-Fi or turned Off. This article will set up the Nebula301+ via Ethernet cable. 

  • PC. Mobile phone or Laptop (remember to disable the Wi-Fi in case you are doing the setup using an ethernet cable)
  • Nebula301+
  • Ethernet cable (this will come in the box)
  • Power Adapter (this will come in the box)
Steps to setup the Nebula301 Plus via Ethernet cable:
  1. Disconnect all cable connected to the Nebula301 + (including the power cord)
  2. Connect only the power cord to the Nebula301 +
  3. Press the Reset/RST button for 45 seconds. This will restore the Nebula301 + to his factory state and erase any configuration done already.
  4. Take the Gray cable that comes with the Nebula301 +, connect one end of the cable to the port LAN1 and the other end of the cable goes to the computer. (Please turn OFF the wireless (Wi-Fi) of the computer)
  5. Once the physical connections are done, proceed with the step #6

Steps to setup the Nebiña301 Plus by WIFI

  1. Disconnect all cables connected to the Nebula301+ (including the power cable)
  2. Connect only the power cable to the Nebula301+
  3. Press the Reset/RST button for 45 seconds. This will restore the Nebula301+ to its factory state and erase any settings already made.
  4. Whether you use a laptop/pc or mobile phone, you must go to the available WIFI networks and connect to the network named Nexxt_xxxxx (The network key or password can be found attached to the router label)
  5. Once connected to the WIFI network of the device, proceed with step #6

Accessing the Nebula301 + configuration site:

      6. Open the browser of the computer you can use either (Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer Edge)

      7. Type the following IP Address:

      8. You should be the able to see the following website

      9. Type the word: admin and then press the button Login

    10. Once you enter, you will see the following screen: Please select Dynamic IP in the Connection Type. In the next field you will see the WiFi Name and WiFi Password type the wireless name you want to use or leave it by default, and add the password you want to use for the Nebula301+ then press the OK button

    11. Then proceed to connect the cable from the main modem to the WAN port in the Nebula301+ and you are finish.