Nebula1200-AC Plus - How to access to the configuration website

The following article will explain how to access your Nebula1200-AC Plus configuration website. Model: NCR-N1200

Note: You can use any browser available to you for this process:
Internet Explorer, Mozilla (Firefox), EDGE, Opera, Chrome, Safari
How to connect my Nebula1200-AC Plus to my computer:

1. Take out your Nebula1200-AC from the box.
2. Connect the power adapter to your wall outlet. Then connect the other end of the cable to your Nebula1200-AC Plus.
3. Take the Ethernet cable that also comes with the Nebula1200-AC Plus (the cable is gray), proceed to connect one end of the cable to one of the 3 LAN ports on the back of the Nebula1200-AC Plus. Then proceed to connect the other end of the cable to your computer.

Note: Please if you are using a laptop, make sure to turn OFF the Wireless signal. So you avoid connecting the laptop to an existence Wi-Fi signal.

4. You can see an image illustrating the steps from above:

How to access the configuration website of my Nebula1200-AC Plus

1. Open your browser
2. Type in the search address the IP Address:

3. You will get directed to the main website, where you need to add the password: admin

4. This will conclude the steps to access the configuration site for the Nebula1200-AC Plus