Nebula1200-AC - Repeater Setup

The following article will explain how setup your Nebula1200-AC Plus as a Repeater. Model: NCR-N1200

Note: You can use any browser available to you for this process:
Internet Explorer, Mozilla (Firefox), EDGE, Opera, Chrome, Safari
How to connect my Nebula1200-AC Plus to my computer:

1. Take out your Nebula1200-AC from the box.
2. Connect the power adapter to your wall outlet. Then connect the other end of the cable to your Nebula1200-AC Plus.
3. Take the Ethernet cable that also comes with the Nebula1200-AC Plus (the cable is gray), proceed to connect one end of the cable to one of the 3 LAN ports on the back of the Nebula1200-AC Plus. Then proceed to connect the other end of the cable to your computer.

Note: Please if you are using a laptop, make sure to turn OFF the Wireless signal. So you avoid connecting the laptop to an existence Wi-Fi signal.

4. You can see an image illustrating the steps from above:

How to access the configuration website of my Nebula1200-AC Plus

1. Open your browser
2. Type in the search address the IP Address:

3. You will get directed to the main website, where you need to add the password: admin

Basic Configuration

After you pass the Login section you will need to do the following to do the basic setup for your Nebula1200-AC Plus

1. In the following section, press the button: "START"

3. Press the "Skip" option:

4. Set the details you want for your wireless signal, such as Wireless Name, Wireless Password.

Note: We do not recommend selecting any of the checkbox. Since this will make the password you set for your wireless the same for the Administrator Login.
If you do so, and you do not remember which is the password in the future, you will need to reset your Nebula1200-AC Plus to his factory state.

5. When you are done, you will press the "Next" button to save the basic configuration.

6. At the end you will see the basic configuration is done.

Repeater Setup

1. From the main screen, proceed to select the "Wi-Fi Settings" option. You will see it on the left vertical menu.

2. From the following option, please select "Wireless Repeating" settings

3. From here you will enable the "Wireless Repeating"

4. Select the option "Universal Repeater"

5. On the "Upstream Wi-Fi Name" select from the list the Wi-Fi signal you want the Nebual1200-AC Plus to repeat.

6. On the "Upstream Wi-Fi Password" you need to type the wireless password of the Wi-Fi signal you selected for the Nebula1200-AC Plus to repeat.

7. Press the "Save" button to save the settings.

8. The Nebula1200-AC Plus will reboot, and start repeating the internet from the Wi-Fi signal you selected.

Note: To test if the settings work, you can test with the PC already connected via cable to the Nebula1200-AC.
Also, you can connect a laptop or smartphone to the Wi-Fi signal from the Nebula1200-AC.