Driver For Nano Lynx 150 Windows - AULUB155U2

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Nano Lynx Windows.

* Customers do not know how to install or do the process correctly of the Nano Lynx, steps for Windows and Mac OsX

- Windows: Download the Installer CD:  Download.


- Open the .zip file, enter the folder "AULUB155U2 Nano Lynx 150".


- Open the Installer "NEXXT.exe"


- Once installed, what many do not know is where to look for the application or to use the Nano Lynx, it is not necessary,
you just have to go to your list of Wi-Fi networks and switch to Wi-Fi 2.


PS: if the Nexxt.exe Installer doesn't work, remember to try it with compatibility.

- Right click on Nexxt.exe,

- Properties --- Compatibility --- Enable Compatibility mode --- Select Windows 8.

- In case it is Windows 7 or Vista, it will serve in Windows 7 or Vista (Service Pack 2).

- In the case of Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows XP (Service Pack 3)