General Information about IP Cameras


​About Sound:

1. The audio is "normalized", the audio goes in the same way the microphone receives it without any modification of volume, EQ, etc.

2. IP cameras generate "Feedback" if enabled in the PTZ control of IP Super Client option "MIC" and generate the "Eco" if in this same control are enabled the option to "MIC" and "LISTEN" at the same time. In this case, the option to capture audio from the IP camera to save audio recordings is enabling only the "LISTEN" option on all cameras.

3. It has no volume control.

4. This sound option is only available with IP Super Client on all IP cameras. Through the WebGUI, only XPY-330.

5. The audio format of all XPY cameras is ADPCM.

About the video:

1. When recording we recommend to mark the option "Save Recording in MPEG-4 format" would be stored in any case in MPEG format which has better image definition and can receive audio from the microphone properly.

2. The video format for XPY Models 300/310/320 is MPEG, for XPY-330 has a ".H264" format.

About SMS and Email:

1.  There is not available configuration options for SMS.
2.  The ideal picture settings must be configured in the WebGUI itself, to provide a constant transmission of images when motion detection.
3.  There will be six attached images send to the email configured within the WebGUI.


IP Super Client

1. At the discretion of the client can be configured for continuous video recording mode or alarm mode (motion detection) to record video on the event. This is ONLY in the IP Super Client Software.

2. In alarm mode, the alarm time is the time to capture video. In 10 seconds of video, the file (MPEG) would weigh approximately 50Kb. If images capture (frame) are added to these alarms at all times (let's say 10 sacks of images per event are taken), the folder that includes both the video and screenshots can weigh 200Kb.

3. If we approximate this data, you can take in 1Gb of storage up to 3,000 event folders that the IP camera can record (with the above configurations shown). These are recorded per day, date and time of the event in sub-folders.

4. In video format, we did a test with a XPY-320, maintaining a scheduled recording half an hour (30 min) to a MPEG format, you can get a video file up to 20Mb. Doing the math, can you use per day approximately 1Gb of storage space (0.9GB), which would incur to the customer having to do a backup depending on the type of use that will give the customer to our camera.

5. All these events need to be made with the IP Super Client software that comes with the CD of the IP cameras. Recall that this software needs to register with the serial that has the installation CD.


1. You can not make video recordings, except XPY-330.

2. Video recordings can only be made if an FTP server is configured.

3. Image capture can be sent to the customer via email, but can not be stored in the IP cameras