XPY 300 & 500 Series: Email Notifications Setup

This article applies for IP cameras models XPY-300, XPY-310, XPY-320, XPY-330, XPY-500, XPY-510 and XPY-520.

The email settings for your IP Camera helps you to monitor your recordings, report any changes on your IP Camera settings (such as WAN IP for remote connections, etc.) and send alerts if you setup any alarms with "Motion Detection" inside the IP Camera settings.

Here are the steps to setup the email settings on your IP Camera:

1. Open your browser (IE,Mozilla,Firefox,etc) and enter the IP address of the IP Camera (For example: http://192.168.x.x/yy where "yy" is the port number of your IP camera). This will prompt you to type some credentials to access the router webpage.

2.  Use "admin" as user. For XPY 300 series, leave the password on "Blank" and for XPY 500 series, type "admin" on the password field. 
3.  On the main setup webpage, choose the "View" mode that will use regarding your web browser. We recommend the "VLC Plug-In Mode" (compatible with most web browsers). 

4. Inside the "View" mode, go to "Device Management" or "Settings" tab.

5. Go to "Mail Service Settings".

6.  Please check your email credentials to place them on the mail service settings.

7. Place your "Sender" email account on the "Sender" field.

8. Place the email accounts that you want to receive email notifications on the "Receiver" fields (1-4).

9. Place the SMTP Server of the sender email account on "SMTP Server" field.

10. Place the SMTP Port of the sender email account on "SMTP Port" field.

11. Select the transport layer security Protocol of your sender email account. It depends of the email account setings (Gmail supports TLS at 465 port and STARTTLS on 25 & 587 ports).

12. Place a checkmark on the "Need Authentication" tab.

13. On the SMTP User and password, place your sender email credentials (user and password).

14. Place a checkmark on the "Report Internet IP by Mail" tab to receive any changes on the WAN IP (this is for remote access).

15. Press "Submit" to save your changes.

16. After this step, the IP Camera will be rebooting to make changes effect.