Nebula1200-AC App Nexxt-Wifi

NOTE: Your new router is compatible with any Operating System, it only requires a browser to access the configuration website. (IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc).


In this article, we are going to explain how to set up the Nexxt-Wifi with our Nebula1200-AC.
The Nexxt-Wifi App you can find it in App Store or Google Play with the following Icon:


  • When you are done, downloading and installing the Nexxt Wi-Fi app on your phone. Proceed to find the Acrux1200-AC wireless signal. Once you found it, connect the phone and when he requests you for a password, add the default password for the Wi-Fi. You can find this password in the label below the Nebula1200-AC.


  • Once connected, open the App Nexxt Wi-Fi in your phone and you will see the interface of the application.


  • Press the Log-in button to gain access to the router. You will need to type the default password first admin then press OK


  • When you are connected you will see the icon is light up and has changed. Also, the word Connected will show up.


  • Once you have the phone and the router connected via the Nexxt Wi-Fi App you can manage some option in the router from the app.


  1. Wireless Settings; You can set up the wireless SSID and the passwords.
  2. Login Password: You can set up the password for the access to the router.
  3. Internet Settings: You can set up the network in the router.
  4. News: Notifications
  5. Software Update: You can update the router firmware.
  6. Reset: You can restore the router to his factory reset.
  7. Log out: You can end the administration session with the router.
  • Wireless Settings: Setting up the wireless password of the Acrux1200-AC via the App.


  • Parental Control: When you select this option you will see all the devices connected to the Nebula1200. If you want to limit the action of one or more of the devices then select the one you want to limit.


  • Once you choose the device you can proceed to limit the device, set what you want to do with the device.


  • Once inside choose Websites Access Limit here you will have the option to do a Blacklist where are the sites you will forbid the access and the Whitelist is where you are allowing the access.


  • To forbid the device to enter some websites you will press the button  and then type the website you want to forbid


  • Cloud Management: Select the Login option below the cloud icon or image, then select the Sing Up to create an account in the cloud.


  • You need to add an Email, Password and type the verification code. And the select Sing Up if all is done correctly you will see a little message that indicates Activation email has been sent to your email. Please click to activate


  • Once the account is activated add the email and the password registered and press the Log in button. Is done correctly you will see in the screen the email and below the message, You can manage your router remotely now


  • To link the router to the account, all you have to do is select the router, he will request the password of the router If you haven't changed and you are using the default one is admin once you have done this, you successfully add the router to the account so you can manage remotely.