Nebula1200-AC Repeater Settings

NOTE: Your new router is compatible with any Operating System, it only requires a browser to access the configuration website. (IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc).

Nebula1200-AC Model: ARN04904U2

NOTE: Is recommended to work with the Actux1200-AC alone. In other words we do not connect the internet cable, if we want to access the configuration website of the Nebula1200-AC and to the corresponding settings.
  • PC or Laptop (remember to disable the Wi-Fi)
  • Nebula1200-AC
  • Ethernet cable (this will come in the box is the Gray cable)
  • Power Adapter (this will come in the box)
Steps to setup the Nebula1200-AC via Ethernet cable:
  • Disconnect all cable you have already connected to the Nebula1200-AC (this also include disconnecting the power cord)
  • Connect only the power cord to the Nebula1200-AC
  • Take the Gray Ethernet cable that comes with the Nebula1200-AC. One end of these cables goes to the port LAN#1 and the other end goes to the Ethernet port of the computer. (if you are using a laptop, please disable or turn OFF the Wi-Fi)
  • Press the Reset/RST button for 35 seconds
  • Once the physical connections are done, open your browser (Mozilla, IE, Opera, Chrome) and type the address and press Enter
  • If you have done all the steps correctly, you will see the main website, where the Nebula1200-AC is asking the password to get through. The password to use here is admin. 
  • If this is the first time setting the Nebula1200-AC or you have to reset the router to his factory state, you will prompt the following image. Press the Start button to continue.

  • In the following image press the Skip button

  • In this section you need to fill the correct fields. Just fill the one that are marked with the orange squares. Please do not check any of the boxes, unless is necessary. When you finish filling the fields, press the Next to continue

  • In the following image you will see the setup is complete. Wait few seconds so you can move to the advanced options of the Nebula1200-AC.

  • Proceed to select the Wireless Settings from the list on the left side

  • Select Wireless Repeating

  • Enable the Wireless Repeating option

  • When is enable, select the Universal Repeater, he will automatically begin to scan the area for wireless signal close to the Nebula1200-AC

  • Select from the list the wireless signal you want the Nebula1200-AC to repeat.

  • After you  have selected the wireless you want to repeat, type the password of the wireless you selected in the field Base Station Wi-Fi Password

NOTE: Please make sure to type the password correctly

  • Press the Save button, and the device will proceed to save all the setup you have done.