XPY1200 & XPY1230: Software Installation

This article applies for the brand new XPY-1200 & XPY-1230 IP Cameras.

Here are the steps to setup, the new XPY-1200 and XPY-1230 IP Camera devices.
  1. ​First inset the installation CD-ROM disk in your CD drive.

  2. Locate the folder IP camera search tool and then look for the subfolder containing platform of your computer:  For Windows OS or For Mac OS.​

  3. Copy and past the IP camera tool file to your computer, or simply drag it onto your desktop.

​NOTE: If your computer does not have a CD drive, you can download the IP camera tool directly from our website for free.

Accessing the Camera
  1. Enable the DHCP feature of your router (which is normally set to this protocol by default).Proceed to open the IP Camera tool, which is designed to find the camera`s IP address automatically in your LAN (Local Area Network).

  2. Double click the IP address of the camera from the list, This will cause your default browser to open the Camera`s login page.

  3. When logging in for the first time, you will need to download and install the IPCWebComponents. We will use Internet Explorer in this example. However, for  browsers like Google Chrome, MAC OS, Safari or Mozilla Firefox, please refer to the user manual.

NOTE: The 64-bit browser is not supported.

​       4. After installing the IPCWebComponents, refresh the browser.
The login window will come up on the screen. The user will be the prompted to input the camera   credentials. Type Admin for the user name and leave the password field blank. 
            Click Login to continue.

NOTE: Should the installation of the plug-in fail, you may install it directly from the CD or download it from  our Nexxt Solution`s website.


NOTE: The camera supports two stream modes: Main stream is the option offering the best quality video.  Sub-stream video is lower in terms of quality , but image streaming is delivered at a faster rate.
     5. When setting up your camera for the first time, it will request that you modify the default. Enter the new username, new password and confirm the password. Click on Modify to save the changes. The new username and password will be the credentials that you will need to enter when logging in to the camera in the future.


NOTE: If you forget your username or password, you can press and hold the reset button of the camera  using a pin for five seconds. This resets the device to its factory default values.

     6. After concluding the initial login phase into the camera, the system will automatically to the Setup Wizard interface. This is designed to assist you in configuring the basic parameters of the camera, such as name, time, IP address, and wireless settings.