Kronos1200-AC: Repeater Configuration via PC


NOTE: Your new repeater device is compatible with any Operating System, it only requires a browser to access the configuration website. (IE, Firefox, Opera.).

Recommendations: We recommend to work with the Kronos301 stand-alone. In other words, do NOT connect the Kronos301 via cable to the internet and the computer also cannot have internet.

Please do not use Google Chrome web browser. Use any other browser like: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

The requirements you need to have with you to do this setup:

  • PC or Laptop (remember we are going to use the Wi-Fi connection, you can do it with cable if you desire)
  • Kronos1200-AC
  • Ethernet cable (this will come in the box)

This article will explain how to connect the Kronos1200-AC via wireless configuration and not via cable.

  • Turn ON the Wireless or Wi-Fi on the Laptop or PC.
  • Search for networks in the vicinity
  • You will see the name of the SSID provided by the Kronos1200-AC. This will be something like Nexxt_XXXXXX (where the Xs are the last 6 digits of the MAC Address of the Kronos1200-AC) To be sure which it is, take the Kronos1200-AC in your hand and in one of the side, there is a label where you will see the information about the Kronos1200-AC. Look for the MAC Address (this may look like a code bar). Here you will find also the password of the wireless provided by the Kronos301 as Network Key.
  • Choose the network, and connect the PC or Laptop to it and you are done. By default, the password of the Wi-Fi signal the Kronos1200-AC provides is: 12345678

NOTE: You will always find the wireless password of the Kronos1200-AC in the label stick to him where it says Network Key or Wireless Key


1. Connect the Kronos1200-AC to the outlet. This will turn On the device. In one of the side of the Kronos1200-AC move the little switch to the middle that says Repeater. Press the RESET button for 45 seconds.
2. You will see the name signal provided by the Kronos1200-AC connect to that network. This will request a password Network key then you are in the Kronos1200-AC network.
3. Once you are connected either Wi-Fi or Ethernet, open your browser and type the IP Address press the key ENTER.

4. If you have done all the steps correctly, you will see the main website, where the Kronos301 is asking the username and password to get through. For both fields is: admin.

5. Once inside, you will see the following settings. Choose Repeater Mode. In the top left corner.

6. Automatically the Kronos1200-AC will display a window scanning the area for wireless networks. You will see your main wireless signal.

7. When the list of wireless signals are shown, select the wireless signal you want the Kronos1200-AC to repeat. Once is select, he will show to you the name he is going to use, and request a password in the "Key" field

Note#1: In the "Key" field you need to type the wireless password of the Wireless signal you choose.
Note#2: The Kronos1200-AC will proceed to display 2 Wi-Fi signals, the 2.4GHz and the 5Ghz with the name of the main wireless before the band.

8. Press the SAVE button and the Kronos301 will begin to set up the configuration.