Nyx1200-AC: Wireless Repeater

NOTE: Your new router is compatible with any Operating System, it only requires a browser to access the configuration website. (IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc).
Recommendations: We recommend to work with the Nyx1200-AC stand-alone. This is because sometimes the PC or Laptop are connected to a Wireless Signal or via LAN to the main router or modem. If you are using a Laptop or PC with Wi-Fi signal, please disable the Wi-Fi or turned Off. This article will set up the Nyx1200-AC via Ethernet cable. 

  • PC or Laptop (remember to disable the Wi-Fi)
  • Nyx1200-AC
  • Ethernet cable (this will come in the box)
  • Power Adapter (this will come in the box)
NOTE: This article will explain how to do the setups via Ethernet cable (the Gray cable that comes in the box with the Nyx1200-AC)

1. Disconnect all the cables that you have may already connected to the Nyx1200-AC including the power cord.
2. Proceed to connect the power cord to the Nyx1200-AC (The Nyx1200 should have turn ON)
3. Take the gray cable (Ethernet cable) and connect one end of the cable to the LAN1 in the Nyx1200-AC and the other end of the cable to the computer.
4. Open your browser and type the address press "Enter"

5. If you have done all the steps correctly, you will get a prompt windows asking you to sing in by typing the Username and Password the click on Sign in to get inside the configuration website. This information also appears in the guide and below the Nyx1200-AC.
  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin
6. Once you get pass, you will see the following screen.

7. To do the Repeater Settings you will press the button "Site Survey" this will prompt the following screen
8. This will open a window where you're going to activate the Repeater
9. From the scanned list, select the SSID you want the Nyx1200-AC to repeat
10. Then type the Wi-Fi password of the selected SSID on the Security Key field and then press Save/Apply
11. After you have press the button, the Nyx1200-AC will proceed to finish the settings.