Nyx300: Wireless Settings

NOTE: Your new router is compatible with any Operating System, it only requires a browser to access the configuration website. (IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc).

Recommendations: We recommend to work with the Nyx300 stand-alone. This is because sometimes the PC or Laptop are connected to a Wireless Signal or via LAN to the main router or modem. If you are using a Laptop or PC with Wi-Fi signal, please disable the Wi-Fi or turned Off. This article will set up the Nyx300 via Ethernet cable. 


  • PC or Laptop (remember to disable the Wi-Fi)
  • Nyx300
  • Ethernet cable (this will come in the box)
  • Power Adapter (this will come in the box)
NOTE: If you are using a Laptop or PC and do not have the Ethernet Port you will have to connect the PC or Laptop via wireless. All you have to do is the following.
  • Turn ON the Wireless or Wi-Fi on the Laptop or PC. 
  • Search for networks in the vicinity
  • You will see the name of the SSID provided by the Nyx300. This will be something like Nexxt_XXXXXX (where the Xs are the last 5 to 6 digits of the MAC Address of the Nyx300) To be sure which it is, take the Nyx300 in your hand and turned over and you will see an orange sticker that will contain information about the Nyx300. Look for the MAC Address.
  • Choose the network, and connect the PC or Laptop to it and you are done.

1. Connect the power adapter to the Nyx300. This will turn On the device.
2. Press the RESET/RST button for 20 seconds. This will reset the Nyx300in case you have done any changes and you didn´t notice.
3. Take the Ethernet cable in your hand, one end of the cable goes to the LAN Port #1 in the Nyx300 and the other end goes to the Ethernet Port on the PC or Laptop.
4. Once you are connected either Wi-Fi or Ethernet, open your browser and type the IP Address press the key ENTER.

5. If you have done all the steps correctly, you will get a prompt windows asking you to sing in by typing the Username and Password so proceed to type admin in both fields. This information also appears in the guide and bellow the Nyx300.

6. Once you pass the sing in prompt you will see the configuration website. 

7. Once inside you will choose the option Router below that, you will be able to change the Network Name (SSID) and the default password in Passphrase. Once you have added the password, press the Save/Apply button and the settings will be done. 

8. All you have to do now is connect the cable from the main router or modem to the WAN port in the Nyx300.