Automatization - Nexxt Home - How to turn Off the Smart Bulb if stays ON

In the following article, we will explain how we can automate a Nexxt Home bulb if it stays on.

Note: This automation helps us turn off the bulb if it were to happen that for some reason it remains on.
Like for example: (We forgot to turn off the light bulb when we left the place).
We recommend that this automation be deactivated if the person is in the same place, since if the automation recognizes that the light bulb is on, it will automatically turn it off.
Settings Smart Bulb to turn Off automatically

Open Nexxt Home App

1. On the main screen I selected the Actions or Actions option. (this option is located at the bottom of the screen in the middle)

2. Select "Create Scene" in the middle of the screen or press the "+" sign located at the top

3. Select the option "When device Status Changes" or "When the status of the device changes"

4. Here it will show you the list of devices that you have added in our Nexxt Home App. From the list I selected the bulb to configure.
For this example, we are selecting the "Smart white bulb"

5. Select "Switch" and then select the "ON" option

6. This will display a new list. In said list, select the option "Run the Device" or "Run Device"

7. Select the same Smart Bulb previously selected

8. Select "Switch" and then select the option "OFF" or "Power off"

9. Rename the automation if you like and save.

10. At the end you should display the following automation created

11. To disable automation just press the slider button