Smart RGB Bulb Wi-Fi LED Color - Register Account and Configuration

Thank you for purchasing the Smart RGB Bulb Wi-Fi LED Color from Nexxt Solutions.

Below you will find the process to install the Nexxt Home App, register a new account and add a device to your new App

You can download the Nexxt Home App by visiting the App Store (for Apple users) or Google Play (for Android users)

Once you have download the App from your store, open the App and select Create new Account

Proceed to register the account with your E-mail

You will get the verification code in your e-mail, proceed to type it when you get it in the App

Add the password you want to use with this account


After the registration you will be prompt with the Add a new family

Once you are inside the Nexxt Home App, select or press the Add Device followed by the smart bulb icon

Power ON the Smart Bulb and follow the process

Connect your Smart Bulb to your Wi-Fi signal

Note: as the instruction indicate, our devices only work under the band 2.4GHz

When is added successfully, complete the process