XPY Bell - Mobile Configuration

XPY Bell High-Definition outdoor - Wireless Doorbell - With mobile application.
This article explains how to set up the mobile APP on your phone, the APP is compatible with Android and iPhone and you can get it on App Store and Google Play

Advanced operation-Android

Mobile Application

1. Download the XPYBell application from Google Play. You will notice is the correct one by the following icon:


2. Your mobile device must be actively connected to the WI-Fi network in which the doorbell camera will be linked to.
3. Next, launch the app from your mobile device and select Add a new system


4. Tap the Scan ID label option to read the QR code located on the back of the doorbell camera, or enter the DID sequence manually.
5. Enter a System Name to identify the device (maximum of 20 characters).
6. Enter the default Security code: 123456 assigned to the device.


7. Tap on Save after all fields are filled. Once done, tap on Yes to confirm the added device.

Wi-Fi setup

1, Once you complete the above steps, the Wi-Fi configuration screen will pop-up.
2. Click on the Setup followed by the Start. Make sure that the LED bell indicator is blinking alternatively red and blue.


NOTE: If the doorbell LED is not blinking red and blue, take off the back panel then press and hold the reset button until the LED starts blinking red and blue.

3. The next pop-up will ask you to turn off the Mobile Data Service. Tap on OK this will make the app take you to your phone Settings. Once there, select Network & Internet - Mobile Network (this may be called something different on your device). Disable the Mobile Data (refer to your phone´s manufacturer manual). Press the back button on your phone to return to the XPYBell app. Once there, tap on Start to connect to the doorbell.


4. The app automatically will switch to the XPYBell.

5. You are now ready to connect the XPYBell to your Wi-FI router. The SSID of your router can be searched and added automatically. Tap on the Search icon to display a list of available Wi-Fi routers in your area. Choose the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to and tap on Next to continue.

NOTE: If you do not see the Service Set Identifier (SSID) please enable the broadcasting function on your router. This information can be also entered manually.

6. Wait a couple of minutes for the network setup to complete. Tap on OK when done.
7. You must now change the default security code.
8. Create a Brand New password that is simple to remember but hard to guess, and click Save when done.


NOTE: If associating other mobile devices to the doorbell, remember you will need the new password to log in.