Viking150 - APN Setup

This article applies for Viking 150 Router. 

NOTE: Your N Router is compatible with any Operating System for setup, it only requires a internet browser to access it. ( IE, Mozilla, Firefox , Chrome, Safari, etc) 

These are the steps to setup the APN with your 3G Modem.

1. Make sure your router is connected via a network cable to your computer and is connected to the current outlet or USB port using the power cord.

2. Open your preferred browser and enter the address

3. Use "admin" for the username and password.

4. In the menu that appears on your right, select "Operation Mode" and verify that the option “3G” is selected.

5. Now on the menu select “Network”

6. Choose your location/country.

7. Choose your Mobile ISP provider.

8. Click on “Save”


Now, if by any chance your Country doesn't appear in the "Location" list, you can add your modem manually, just get the APN information from your provider. 
9. Click on “Advanced Settings”.

10. Select the checkbox.

11. Modify the Dial Number, APN, Username and Password (this last two usually stay in blank) with the information from your provider.

12. Click on “Save”.

13. Click on “Back”.

14. Reboot your device, on the menu select "System Tools" and reboot from there.