Legacy Drivers

This article provides the Legacy drivers for discontinued products.

Below you will find a table for the content.

Name MPN SKU Download
Lynx300 AULUB305U2 NW230NXT58 Download
Ion150 APLDT150U2 NW230NXT61 Download
Ion300 APLDT300U1 NW230NXT44 Download
Lynx150 AULUB155U1 NW230NXT43 Download
Saros300 APLDT300N1 NW230NXT59 Download
Xpy530 AILPT324U6 NW400NXT07 Download
Sirius1000 APBELND0U1 NW122NXT19 Download
Zenit1200 AULUB905U1 NW200NXT06 Download