Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug - Register Account and Configuration

Thank you for purchasing the Smart Wi-Fi Plug from Nexxt Solutions.

Below you will find the steps to install and register an account so you can start using your devices.

Download Nexxt Home App from Google Play or App Store.

Once you have download the App from your store, proceed to open it and then select the "Creat New Account"
Register by E-mail
Enter the Verification code

Note: The verification code will be sent to your e-mail.

Set a Password

After the registration you will be prompt with the Add a new family

Plug or connect the Smart Wi-Fi Plug in yout wall outlet

Open the Nexxt Home App then select "Add Device" following the icon of the "Smart Plug"

If the LED on the Smart Plug is blinking press the orange button in the App to continue the settings

Note: If the LED is OFF or is fixed then press the reset button on the top of the Smart Plug until you see the LED blinking

You will prompt to connect the Smart Plug to your Wi-Fi signal. Select the Wi-Fi you want to use and add the password of the seleced Wi-Fi

Note: All our Home Automation devices only support Wi-Fi signal 2.4GHz, (they dont support 5GHz)

When the Smart Plug and the App finally are connected, choose one of the default option or if you add your own, then choose that one.

Press the ON/OFF button at the top until you see the LED in front of the plug blinking

Switch: Turn ON/OFF the device

Countdown: Enable the countdown timer to turn the devie ON/OFF

Schedule: Allows you to add time and day schedule to turn ON/OFF the device

Deleting the setup: For iOS swipe to the left to delete the setup. For Android devices hold the schedule then select delete.