How to Add my Smart Camera to Nexxt Home App


This tutorial will explain how to add your AHIMPFI4U1 Indoor Camera using the Nexxt Home App


Please take note: All of our Smart Home devices, can only be used or connect to a wireless signal of 2.4 GHz. Our devices do not support 5 GHz wireless signals.


Please, if you have not downloaded the Nexxt Home App, kindly download the app in your corresponding platform.


Our Nexxt Home App can only be downloaded in this 2 platoforms. We do not have support for other platforms.


From this point, follow the steps to add the Indoor Camera:

1. Connect the camera to the power and press the Reset button until the camera provide a few beeps for the first time, after a few seconds the camera will do another beeps, which indicates is ready to be paired.

2. Open the App Nexxt Home

3. Select the icon (+) on the top right and select the Add Device

4. From the list of icon devices, select the Smart Camera.

5. There are 2 ways to add your device's EZ Mode and QR Mode.

The following information applys for both metod:

1. Make sure your Smartphone is connected to a 2.4 GHz wireless signal. Our products do not support a 5 GHz.

2. If your router provides both wireless signals 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, make sure to separate them individualy, and connect your smartphone to the 2.4 GHz wireless signal.


QR Mode:

- Select the QR Code mode

- The Nexxt Home App will display a QR code for you to show it to the Smart Camera. Show the QR Code the App Nexxt Home generate to the camera.

- The camera will detect the QR Code and will make some beeps. If you hear the beeps, press the orange button, if you don't, make sure the LED of the camera is blinking and make sure you are showing the QR code 20 cm away.

- Once detect, the screen will change automatically to the next one and the app will start a countdown to add the Smart Camera.

- After a period of time, the App will add the camera. Here you can change the name that comes by default, or add it as it is. When you are done, press Done.

EZ Mode:

- Follow the steps #4 and #5 from the above steps, after that part on the first screen, select the EZ Mode

- Make sure, your phone is connected to the 2.4 GHz wireless signal, and type the password of the wireless signal.

- The App will start searching for the device to add.

- Finish the process



Depending on the model of the camera you acquire, you will be able to check some settings. Some basic settings are:

  1. Screenshots
    - Allows you to take a screenshot of the main screen of a video you are playing back
  2. Speak
    - Enable the option to talk back to back
  3. Record
    - Will record what you are seeing on the main screen, or when you play back a video
  4. Playback
    - You can check past recording videos when you are using a MicroSD card to record the events.
  5. Cloud Storage
    - You can get one of the plan Nexxt Solutions offers, and record the events on the cloud.
    - When you already have a cloud service, this option will change to the option that's enable you
  6. Motion Detection
    -  This allows you to set the alarm and sensitivity of the motion detection. We recommend this option to be enabled and in HIGH.
    - Depending on the camera model you purchased, you may be able to change the motion detection options. On some of our cameras, this option is not manageable.
  7. Album
    - Provide you a list of saving screenshots or videos that you record while using the Record or Screenshot options.

If you want to know, more advanced settings of your product, press or tap the top rigth icon (that looks like a pencil or 3 dots (...) ) to access the advanced settings.