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Nebula 150: DMZ Function

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2015 02:11PM COT
NOTE: Your Nebula 150  Router is compatible with any Operating System for setup, it only requires a internet browser to access it. ( IE, Mozilla, Firefox , Chrome, Safari, etc).

Sometimes you will need to allow one computer or device on the private LAN to be "exposed" to the internet so that it can communicate with other devices on the web, including dedicated networks or services. In that case, you may set the computer IP as the "DMZ host". When DMZ is enabled, the specified computer or device will no longer be protected by the router's firewall.

This is helpful for customers that requires to see other devices that are "out" of the network or does not use a specific port such as IP cameras, servers, PC's on private networks, gamming devices, etc.

These are the steps to setup this DMZ host:.
1. Open your browser (IE,Mozilla,Firefox,etc) and enter the IP address of the router "" by default. This will prompt you to type some credentials to access the router webpage.

For ARN01154U2 - Horizontal Bar firmware: Use "admin" as password, and then go to "Advanced settings" at the middle of the webpage.
For  ARN01154U1 - Vertical Bar firmware: Use "admin" as user and password. 

2. On your router’s web click “Virtual Server” and select "DMZ Settings" (For horizontal firmware, select “DMZ Host”).
3. Input the IP address of the device that will be outside the router firewall.

4. Place a check mark on "enable".

5. Press "OK" or "Apply" to save changes.

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