Reset Password for DVR models HD and KX

NOTE: This process is using the SADPTOOL for reset the DVR XPY4004-HD, 8004-HD, 8008-HD.
AKD-0474HD, AKD-0874HD, AKD-0878HD
NOTE: Please take in mind the following:

1. The PC needs to be connected all the time via cable to the router/switch/modem and not to the Wi-Fi

2. Do not change the IP parameters of the DVR and PC

3. Do not shut down or reboot the DVR. (DVR need to be all the time ON and Online)

Access to the following link address to download the SADPTOOL software. Download

1. Open the download file, and select the language on this case we choose (English) then press NEXT
2. Then the software will request you where he should be installed on your computer, choose the desired route and the press NEXT
3. Now the progress bar will show the installation process.
4. Once the installation is complete press NEXT and FINISH ending the installation and proceed to open software.

NOTE: If the software doesn't start automatically, you will find the following icon in your desktop 
 or  double-click the icon and the software will open. 

5. Once the software is open and starts running he will automatically find the DVR in the network, select the DVR. If the DVR does not show up, press the REFRESH button, if the DVR still doesn't show up, then the DVR is not connected to the NETWORK. Once selected you will see a right panel, in that panel all the way to the bottom press the option Forgot Password
6. In this window, you will export a file from the DVR to your desktop. Press the EXPORT button and then save the file in your desktop. 
7. When the file is in your desktop, go to your email and send us the file attached to the mail to the following email address  [email protected] when the support department gets the email with the file, they will start working in the file, and they will send you a new file. 

8. Once you have the new file, proceed to IMPORT the file in the SADPTOOL software, then type the New Password and confirm the new password in the Confirm Password field. Hit the CONFIRM button and your password will be reset.
NOTE: The reset password is the default password the DVR comes with.

NOTE: Once you get the new file you have 24 hours. After that time if you haven´t used the file you will have to repeat the process again.